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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If I don't like the product or it does not fit me, can I return it and receive my money back?

Yes, we guarantee money return within 14 days from the purchase of the product without requesting any explanations of the reasons for return. You can learn more about our return policy at this page.


How long does it take for delivery?

In most cases, delivery is within 5-7 working days after payment of the order. If the product is not available at the warehouse and manufacturing of such product is required, then processing and delivery of the product can take up to ten working days after payment of the order. If you require urgent delivery, please contact our customer service representative.


How much is the shipping?

  1. Shipping when you order for 100 EUR or less - 6.90 EUR
  2. Shipping when you order for 100 EUR or more - free


What means of payment do you accept?

You can pay for your order using one of the following:

  1. to our bank account
  2. via PayPal


I would like to order a set. Will all products be the same tint?

Yes. When you order a set, our specialists will match tints for the products.


How often do you offer new collections?

Our designers who do constant monitoring of jewerly fashion trends update our collections. No less than 4 times a year our designers carefully create new collection of the jewerly what helps our customers always keep abreast with fashion whim.


I have allergy to some metals. Can I wear your product?

Yes.All products which contain silver are coated with rhodium, antiallergetic metal, which is more expensive than gold and platinum.


I would like to order your product for a gift. What wrapping do you offer?

Company "Gaura Pearls" offers elegant gift box for every product which will please the buyer and the recipient of the gift.Also, for a special occasion, we can offer several types of brand gift boxes "Gaura Pearls" .


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89.60 €
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