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100% natural pearls
Stock number :  212-30B + Bag S

Size of a pearl :  6.0 – 6.5

Pearl's color :  white

Length :  18.0+4.0 cm

Material :  rhodium plated silver

Lock :  rhodium plated silver

Jewelry weight :  9.1 g

Status:   available

Price:   61.30 €  

Natural Pearl Bracelet can rightly be attributed to the jewelry that can completely transform the image of woman, give originality and style. Moreover, one may wear pearl bracelet for any occasion.

Charming pearls being unique creations of nature, which does not need any additional furnishing, have attracted people and have been used by jeweler for jewelry designs for making jewelry for centuries.

Sometime ago only very wealthy people and royalty families could afford pearl jewelry to emphasize their position, luxury and wealth. Many of them believed in the divine origin of the unique natural stones, in their magic power and healing abilities. Today pearl jewelries are available without losing their uniqueness, elegance and nobleness.

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